101 Ways To Save On Insurance

Insurance helps you deal with disaster, but until that disaster comes, you might spend a fair amount of time being annoyed at the cost. Your monthly insurance payments are not fun, and if you are wondering how you can reduce the costs, there are a number of different options for you to consider. Consider these tips which will help your insurance cost drop to a manageable level.

1. Research all of the plans available to you.

2. Talk to a real person, don’t go through the internet.

3. Ask around.

4. Go through an employer.

5. Lower the premium. While a lower premium does mean a higher deductible, it might be worth it for the monthly savings. [http://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-ways-to-lower-your-car-insurance-bill.html]

6. Put in a car alarm.

7. Move. Some neighborhoods are simply safer than others.

8. Put lights on your home.

9. Skip the trampoline.

10. Skip the pool.

11. Bundle your policies.

12. Don’t speed.

13. Contest unfair tickets.

14. Avoid reckless driving. Reckless driving is the number one thing that raises your car insurance.

15. Install a security system.

16. Go in for physicals. If you have improved your health in any way, whether by dropping in your cholesterol level or simply becoming more active, tell your insurance company, and ask for a break.

17. Ask for a discount. You don’t necessarily need a reason; just ask. [http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2012/07/6-ways-to-cut-your-car-insurance/]

18. Pay on time. This allows you to avoid nasty penalties.

19. Take a class on defensive driving. This keeps you out of accidents.

20. Buy a practical vehicle. Practical vehicles cost less to insure.

21. Park in a closed garage. A closed garage has far less chances of theft.

22. Take the bus. If you don’t drive your car that much, your insurance rates can be dropped significantly.

23. Fix your credit score. If your credit score is in shambles, it can cause the insurance companies
to think that you are a high risk.

24. Never let your coverage lapse. Lapsed coverage can mean that your coverage may be raised whenever you go back.

25. Pay annually and biannually. Many people do not know that there is an administrative fee for paying every month.

26. Be careful about discounts. Some companies offer high discounts to conceal the fact that they have the highest rates.

27. Look for group insurance discounts.

28. Skip collision and comprehensive coverage on old cars. In the case of an accident, chances are good that you will want to junk the car anyway.

29. Insure your house, not your land. Unless the land is integral to your job, do not get it insured.

30. Stop smoking. This lowers both your health insurance and your home owner’s insurance.

31. Think about whether you need the actual replacement cost or a cash value return.

32. Buy a new home instead of an older one.

33. Buy a new car instead of an older one.

34. Service your car every six months.

35. Have your home inspected. A clean home inspection can reduce your home rates significantly.

36. Live near a fire station.

37. Adjust what is covered. Don’t cover more than exists in your home.

38. Ask for senior citizen discounts.

39. Look for longevity discounts. .

40. Be ready to change insurance companies if rates are raised.

41. Go electronic. It can save you a small amount by getting you out of the administrative fee necessary for paper payments.

42. High fences drop your rates as it keeps unwary children off of your property.

43. Live in a gated community.

44. Put in new wiring.

45. Install impact resistant roofing.

46. Join a home owner’s association.

47. Skip the claims. Having few to new claims entitles you to some hefty discounts.

48. Newer is better for cars and houses.

49. Mention your school. Some insurance companies offer reduced costs to people who went to certain schools.

50. Motion sensors offer your home a great degree of security.

51. Install water sensors.

52. Go generic for drugs.

53. Be sure a procedure is necessary before you agree to it.

54. Be willing to negotiate. Sign on for a longer term to get a lower price.

55. Avoid having a “dangerous” dog breed. Dog breeds like pit bulls have a bad reputation, and this causes insurance companies to discriminate against them.

56. Keep strangers off of your property. Strangers could sue you for injuries that occur on your property, making your insurance company liable.

57. Get an appraisal from the insurance company.

58. Compare quotes. The more information you have, the better.

59. Ask insurance companies to match each other’s price.

60. Ask to speak to someone higher up the ladder. If you are not getting the service you need, work your way up the ladder until you do.

61. Add an older person to the insurance if you are under 25.

62. Drive with exceeding care. A clean record can reduce your insurance costs greatly.

63. Park carefully. Parking is when many minor issues occur.

64. Don’t modify your car beyond security improvements.

65. Lock the car’s wheel with a security device if you park on the street.

66. Get a new appraisal with every move.

67. Ask for free insurance with a new car.

68. Keep shopping around for better even if you already have a policy.

69. Keep insurance records.

70. Contest strange charges, as mistakes do happen.

71. Ask others not to smoke in your home.

72. Ask for discounts on multiple cars.

73. Ask for discounts for fewer drivers.

74. Get a new quote every year.

75. Put a woman down as the main driver.

76. Get new insurance after your 21st birthday and your 25th birthday.

77. Find out your auto insurance company’s milage rules and drive little enough to put yourself in a lower bracket.

78. Renovate your home.

79. Live in a house rather than apartment.

80. Decide on whether to insure the house or simply the contents.

81. Insure only the contents in an apartment.

82. Avoid areas prone to wildfires.

83. Avoid areas prone to tornadoes.

84. Avoid areas prone to mudslides.

85. Do not buy a house on a floodplain. Flood risk can add as much as 400 dollars to your yearly fee.

86. Put on a new roof.

87. Choose a house with new plumbing.

88. Choose a low crime area. Look up the crime reports from the local news outlet.

89. Keep the property well-maintained.

90. Choose a property that has been kept up.

91. Fence off the pool.

92. Ask your insurance agents lots of questions about deductions.

93. Get your home and auto insurance from the same place [http://publications.usa.gov/epublications/12ways/12ways.htm]

94. Add storm shutters to your home to protect the windows.

95. Have a basement.

96. Build with brick if there is no earthquake risk.

97. Update the HVAC system.

98. Buy a home close to a fire hydrant. This gives the fire trucks better access and better pressure.

99. Research the property’s previous claims.

100. Take classes and get past driving infractions removed from your record.

101. Get your car serviced before winter. This prevents you from having expensive breakdowns in the middle of January.